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Nellai Specialz is your trusted source for authentic Nellai sweets, snacks, and traditional products. We prioritize food quality above all else, ensuring that every item we deliver is freshly cooked and impeccably packaged. We take pride in keeping our offerings free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives, allowing you to savor the genuine flavors of Tirunelveli.

To serve you better, we operate on a pre-order basis, guaranteeing that your sweets and snacks are prepared fresh and delivered as such. This commitment to freshness is a cornerstone of our service.

In addition, for the convenience of our customers, we offer delivery services right to your seat at Tirunelveli Bus Stop and Railway Station. This means no more standing in long queues; you can relax and enjoy our fresh snacks without any hassle.


Anbalagan Samynathan

நெல்லை சுவை - நெல்லையின் அடையாளம்

Welcome to Nellai Specialz, where we celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Nellai (Tirunelveli), a city known for its unique and delicious sweet snacks and organic products. Nellai Taste embodies the essence of this vibrant region, offering a wide range of delectable sweet treats and organic goods that capture the flavors, traditions, and sustainability that define Nellai’s identity.

At Nellai Taste, we believe in preserving the authentic flavors, traditions, and sustainability that define Nellai’s unique identity. Our commitment to quality ensures that every bite encapsulates the essence of this culturally rich city. From traditional sweets that have been cherished for generations to organic products that reflect a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, we invite you to explore the culinary treasures that Nellai Specialz has to offer.

Why Nellai specialz?

Nellai Fresh Snacks

Eco Packing

On Time Delivery

Seat Delivery

Why Bamboo?

Empowering & Inventive


The sturdiness of Bamboo ensures maximum strength, hardness, lighter and stability to all products.


Harvested from fully sustainable and rapidly growing forests, bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.

More Oxygen

Bamboo is one of the best plants on the earth to sequester carbon with its unrivaled capacity to capture carbon.
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